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It is very important to address your mouse infestation before the situation worsens. Mice can reproduce very rapidly, so quick action is important. We at Romeos use a quick acting bait station service method with multiple stations placed throughout key areas throughout the home. Focusing on areas like garages, basement attics and crawlspaces we like to target areas where mice are likely to hide. Bait stations are locked, tamper proof and placed in inconspicuous areas where mice are likely to travel. The bait is very attractive and highly effective against foraging rodents and is also very safe when used within a home. Please contact us if you begin to see evidence of a rodent infestation in your home.

I'm not going to bore you with educational rhetoric about the biggest epidemic we have seen here in the United States the last 10 years. What I will tell you is this, home remedies and do it yourself products will only impact a fraction of your bedbug concerns. Thorough inspection, proper material selection and a diligent pest control company is the key to a successful bedbug elimination program. Don't think you can do this yourself unless you want to lose sleep night after night, the best choice is a reliable professional to address this pest. Let Romeo's Termite & Pest Control handle it for you.

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Subterranean termites cause about 95% of termite-related damage found in the United States and attack homes as far north as Canada. Termite damage can be structurally devastating. It is difficult, yet important, for homeowners to recognize termite infestations in the early stages. Having a professional inspector come in and inspect your property is a must when it comes to the biggest investment you'll ever make, your HOME or BUSINESS!!! Proper planning and a thorough treatment strategy, we at Romeo's specialize in termite control with our conventional treatments. We offer a limited-modified treatment for your home or business for properties with a minor infestation. If your property has a significant termite infestation then we offer a full conventional interior and exterior termite treatment. Both our treatments offer a renewable year long warranty to cover your property in case activity reoccurs. Experience, training and product selection are the keys to a successful termite treatment, so be wise in your choice. Saving money, sometimes may cost you more. Give us a call.

Let our business, Protect your business!!!! A single pest can trigger a decline of any business. Chewed wires, contaminated food products and destroyed inventory is not something you want for your business. Whether you run a grocery store, warehouse, restaurant or even a school, we have a maintenance plan for you. We offer comprehensive maintenance plans that may suit your needs. With weekly, bi-weekly and monthly plans, you'll enjoy the same benefits our residential customers receive all year round. So give us a call and put the PESTS out of BUSINESS!!!

Romeo's Yearly Pest Plan provides year round protection from a variety of common household pests, with ants, mice, yellow jackets, carpenter bees, spiders and roaches being the most common we cover you for and much more. Romeo's YPP includes 3 or 4 scheduled seasonal pest control visits, with a courtesy winter termite inspection, to help prevent your pest problems from reoccurring. With Romeo's Yearly Pest Plan you'll be covered all year round. We understand that pest problems occur often in between your regularly scheduled visits, no problem, just call us for an additional visit at no extra cost. We believe in an outside-in mentality that focuses our treatments on the outside of your home, and treating the inside as needed focusing on inspection and prevention for the interior. IPM is an important factor in pest control and provides for a safer envirnoment for you and your family. You may only need a limited warranty pest service, so whatever suits your needs, we got it.

Wood destroying insects, bedbugs, flies and mosquitos are not included with YPP's!!!